Reading & Tarot Circle

This circle meets at Hoo Village Hall (Nr Rochester) on the 3rd Monday of each month.

The focus is on developing your knowledge of the Tarot, exploring other ways of reading and getting more profound insights into your performance or to work with clients.

Whilst you can learn the basics of the Tarot as well as deepen your knowledge of this and other ways of reading, this is also a space to get confidence working with clients, and so is also suitable for those with a qualification in Tarot or other types of reading who wish to start charging for their professional services, get insurance and establish their business processes.


Topics, among others, include Tarot, other types of readings and ways you can work with clients.  Getting your timings right, dealing with upset clients, what to do if someone is unhappy with your reading, codes of conduct, disclaimers, legal issues, and business planning.

We will also help you to develop your energetic skills for working in a busy environment.

For members working on Hypnotherapy or Past Life Regression accreditation, this is a valuable circle for you to practice working with others and start to develop your business skills.

If you aren't interested in business development, that's okay. We structure the evening so you can choose to work on what interests you right now.

These are just examples; we draw our subjects from what members want to develop.

The circle starts at 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm, and the first hour focuses on teaching or introducing a new topic, the background, how to work, and Q and A.  After a short break, it's time to practice, and you can work alone or with a partner.

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